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 Poland finished 3rd of their group with the win against Algeria !

🇬🇧 Poland and Algeria were fighting for the 3rd place of the group this morning. Polish started the game very well thank to a solid defense alowing fast breaks and easy goals. They took a big lead early on and finished the first period leading 8-1. Willing to win this game, Algeria came back with several goals in few minutes to close the gap in the beginning of the second round. The result of the period is close but at the end it is Poland who take the point. 9-8 in the second round. The last period is dominated by the polish who finish 3rd in their group.

OBRUSIEWICZ Piotr, POL (coach)

🇬🇧 « The first round of the tournament was very interesting for us, we built this team few months ago so it allowed us to see on which players we can build the team. Playing against team like France and Spain permitted us to compete with the best nations of Handball. It is a very good experience as a coach and for the players.»

HAROUS Djallal, ALG (coach)

🇫🇷 « Nous avons mal débuté le premier tiers-temps, ce qui est dommage car nous leurs avons tenu tête dans le reste du match, nous avons maintenant des matchs de classement, nous allons tout faire pour en remporter le maximum.»

G27 Group B 10h15 : ALGÉRIE 15–27 POLOGNE

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