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Second win for Poland and a wave of goals !

🇬🇧 Day 3 started at Pontault-Combault with a confrontation between Poland an Turkey. Poland striker showed their strength and accuracy during the first minutes but Turkey’s fighting spirit allowed them to stay close at the end of the first round. Poland get the point leading 9-8. The second round is a different story for Turkey, Polish are defending way better than in the first and they played fast, what make the Turkish lose the period outscored 11-8. One more point for Poland. The last period is a matter of offense, we saw both teams struggling to stop the opponent what made a very entertaining game. Turkey managed to get a point leading the last round with 2pts.

Yusuf Ali KURT, TUR (coach)

🇬🇧 « It is very difficult to defend on their strikers, they are powerful and can shoot from long range. I liked how the team reacted at the end of the game, I think we are going to be stronger for the next games »

Piotr OBRUSIEWICZ, POL (coach)

🇬🇧 « Now we have to focus on defense for the next games, we let them too many opportunities to score goals and we have to change that if we want to win more games. The offense was satisfying as the score can tell »

G15 Group A 17h30 : POLOGNE 30–26 TURQUIE